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Office System Pareti Divisorie Pareti Radianti Medical Epta Porte su Muratura
Fosam Office System Partition Walls Radiant Partition Walls Medical Epta Doors on Concrete Walls

The forty years history of Fosam in the ideation, production and commercialising of Furniture and Complements of Office - Fosam Office System - and twenty years as far as the Partition Walls, has allowed us to realize over the time series of products that have always conjugated in optimal way the design with the functionality, the quality of the materials with the prices, so as to be able to offer products that have had and are continuing to satisfy the most varied market requirements.

Fosam has always been distinguished also for its innovation capacity, than even recently has been able to demonstrate with the realization of a product as the Radiating Partition Walls, absolutely innovative and vanguard for the performances and the energetic saving that it guarantees. A product that has achieved important prizes and that we are sure will revolution various existing operative standards.

The production finally has been increased also to the - Medical Epta - Partition Walls, specifically studied for being used in Hospitals and Laboratories and diversified with the realization of Doors on Concrete or Knauf Walls that can be used in multiple fields with also personalized solutions.
Fosam’s products are therefore guarantee of innovation, quality and respect of three bench marks of our action: Man, Environment and Resources.

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