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Fosam Office System Partition Walls Radiant Partition Walls Medical Epta Doors on Concrete Walls

Doors con concrete or Knauf walls
porte su muratura
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To complete the high range of Epta Partition Walls and in the viewpoint of offering complete turn keys service, Fosam realizes and commercializes also Doors on concrete or Knauf walls with steel frame.
The doors that we produce are subdivided in two product groups:

  • Door with fixed clamp anchor frame.
  • Door with telescopic clamp anchor frame.

The door wing can then be in:

  • painted steel 50 or 60 mm thick.
  • skin-plate steel 50 or 60 mm thick.
  • glass 10 mm thick.
  • Silk painted glass 10 mm thick.
  • Honey comb laminated 40 mm thick.

The basic sizes are:
L. = 1000 for one wing (usable 860 mm)
L. = 1200 for double wing (usable 1060 mm)
S. = as per the table.
H. = 2178 (usable 2100 mm)

On request, can be realized doors of any size either in terms of: thickness of the frame, width and height of the door and in terms of typology , the personalization can be extended also to the type of door produced

  • with double rabbet.
  • with rounded frame.
  • with visual.
  • with guillotine.
  • with aeration grill.
  • with anti panic handle.
  • with special lock and hinges.
  • with electric command lock.
  • with self closing door.
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