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OfficeSystem Operativi

The Fosam’s Operative series are able to satisfy any functional and budget requirement always guaranteeing a very high quality.
The Fosam’s Operative desks and furniture has a series of characteristics that gives them a personality that stands out, a modularity and functionality that make them versatile and able to any need, solidity and robustness that allows to state that the above characteristics are not only noticed but also can be felt with hands.
The different series are positioned on the market offering a complete range of solutions

The Cross Operative series is a very modern and versatile series that is proper to contemporary spaces where there is high the need of modulate and utilize the spaces also in height, where the work structures are highly flexible and subject to changes. Offices, Call Centre, shared and modular workstations are the Cross ideal spaces. There are a lot of accessories that complete this series.

Fixed and Nomadic Atollo is the series of desks and furniture that, with its modern and different shapes satisfy the mobility needs: furnishing in horizontal with the wheels becomes nomadic and height adjustable in vertical. It can form an integrated system of subdivision of the workstation using the PassPort screen panels, the specific accessories and service furniture.

Otto is the series of desks that through the double tubular structure offers a high structural integrity to the desks and allows an easy accommodation for the office’s wirings. It can also be height adjustable and can form an integrated system with the PassPort screen panels and the many accessories available.

Volo is the series of desks that with the simplicity and the linearity that are its characteristics, it maintains all the indispensable characteristics of the furniture that compose a modern operating office. Has a “T” structure, is also available in adjustable height, extensible beam, carter, horizontal cable tray and cable port. Possibility of equipping with accessories and PassPort screen panels

The PassPort screen panels series is very versatile and allows an efficient and functional subdivision of the spaces and the workstations. The modular sizes, the steel structure that can be independently covered with different fabrics, laminate panels, drilled metal and polycarbonate panels on both the surfaces, make PassPort adaptable to the most various planning solutions.

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