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man, the environment and resources

The foremost objective in the design, the choice of materials and in the entire Fosam range of products is the protection of man, the environment and resources. But in order to improve the quality of life and the workplace we also need you, your concern, your awareness, your self-respect, and your sensible choices.
Fosam places human health at the forefront and is appreciative of the problems inherent in preserving the environment.
With its production process and its finished product, Fosam strives to contribute to the reduction of physical and chemical pollution and noise emissions.
This attention translates into extreme care in the design and production of office furniture aimed at limiting as much as possible the presence and dispersal of polluting agents. This is a fundamental aspect of the quality of life that Fosam places at the centre of the philosophy of its products, together with design, functionality and long-lasting materials, and the guarantee of a working environment that respects man, the environment and resources.

Fosam's objective is to choose materials that are not included in the list of hazardous substances according to EC Directive 97/69.
Fosam proposcs for its wall panels a thermai and acoustic insulation in piace of the normally used drywali: sheets of calcium silicate. This material ís free froni harmful emissions; it is long‑iasting and has excelient noise and heat insulation properties.

Calcium silicate is made from silica sand and hydraulic lime, and is reinforced with celluiose fibres. This material is used to make light, easily processed panels that are resistant to compression, wear, fire and moisture, that breathe and are recyclable. It is a very durable material, and the absolute absence of asbestos, radioactivity and other harmful emissions make it a safe product. Calcium silicate panels have a Class 0 fire reaction rating, and in addition ensure a superior acoustic barrier that provides unexcelled noise abatement capabilities.

Fosam proposes polyester resinate as an alternative to mineral wool. The components of the polyester resinate used by Fosam contain polyethylene terephthalate and polybutylene terephthalate, which are not included in the list of hazardous materials according to EC Directive 97/69 and subsequent modifications. In addition, the sheets used by Fosam are of Class E1 (non flammability) and F1 (toxicity, fume opacity).

Poiyester resinate is applied inside partition walis in the form of fibre mats. Its positive properties are those of not shedding fibre or dust particies that couid be harmfui to health and the envíronment.

Fosam uses materials that help preserve our resources, supporting a program aimed at safeguarding the forests and at the respect and regeneration of the natural environments.

The choice of alternative materials in place of wood has many advantages. Metal allows space economy due to smaller thicknesses, along with good mechanical precision, contained transportation costs, long‑lasting resistance to wear and corrosion, and virtually total recyclability.


  • Absence of ionizing radiation
  • Absence of VOC emissions
  • Low formaldehyde content
  • 98% Recyclability of products
  • Use of metals. Dematerialization of products. Durability of materials.


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